Major Project

03.04.2023 - 23.07.2023 (Week #1 - Week #16)

Seerat Tayyab Mukhtar Qureshi - 0345576 (BDCM)

Major Project

Progress Documentation:

Week #1: 

Mr Asrizal introduced us to the module and gave us a briefing on what is expected of us this semester. He showed us examples of our seniors' work for us to better understand the module. This module is completely up to us. We are in charge of what we create and responsible for receiving feedback on time for it. For next week we should come up with some ideas to show him.

Week #2:

This week I showed Mr Asrizal my idea for a campaign based on human stories/existence.

Fig 1.0: My notes on my idea

My idea is inspired by the short existential quotes slides I see on TikTok. I want to document that feeling of the "human experience." I think a zine/publication might be the best way to document it. My main target audience is my generation as it is inspired by the content they create.

Feedback: Mr Asrizal said my idea was slightly different from the usual projects students created. But, he said it's good and I can proceed with it. He said to do more research and refinement into the content and come up with what the outcomes would be. He agreed with my idea to go for a publication that documents this content.

Week #3:

After feedback from Mr Asrizal last week, I worked on refining my idea more.

Fig 1.1: Project Proposal

Mr Asrizal also suggested that the main final outcome should be a publication so I refined that idea further. I found some references that matched the visuals I wanted to go for.

Feedback: Mr Asrizal said the proposal was okay and he now knew what I am going for. He said I can go ahead and do the content curation. I can also start to collect the stories I want from people and start compiling them.

Week #4:

This week I prepared my content curation and made a brief visual guide for the publication and its collaterals.

Fig 1.2: Content Curation

I decided to use a google form for the stories as it was the most efficient way to get stories from people in different parts of the world.

Fig 1.3: Google Form

I also showed Mr Asrizal some of the responses I had already received.

Feedback: Mr Asrizal said the content and the Google form were good. He asked me what collaterals I had planned and I mentioned posters, stickers and some social media. He said I should also do a microsite mockup where people can continuously submit their stories to the project so it wouldn't be static. I can also focus my social media work more on TikTok rather than Instagram. He also said that maybe I can try making some interesting merch from the stories like t-shirts. I can go ahead and start working on designing.

Week #6:

This week I drafted some layout ideas for the zine/publication. I did the cover, chapters and quotes pages to show Mr Asrizal.

Fig 1.4: Cover Attempt

Fig 1.5: Quote Page Attempt

Fig 1.6: Chapter Page Attempt

Fig 1.7: Chapter Page Attempt

Feedback: Mr Asrizal said I should explore the layout more, especially the cover. He advised I do some research into magazine covers and find more references. He suggested that it should be more like a magazine rather than a "storybook" as it would be better to retain the attention of the reader.

Week #7

This week I followed Mr Asrizal's advice on the cover design. I added more visual elements and colours. I tried a few options for the cover and the following pages.

Fig 1.8: Cover Page attempts

Fig 1.9: Cover Page attempts

After coming up with some cover options, I worked on trying some content layout attempts.

Fig 2.0: Layout attempts

Fig 2.1: Layout attempts

Feedback: Mr Asrizal advised me to print the body copy layout to see whether I should maintain one or two columns. After printing we decided that 2 columns were good so I could proceed with the rest of the layout.

Week #9:
We had to present our work to Mr Asrizal and the other lecturers this week. In our presentation, we had to show our complete proposal containing our idea development up until proof of concept/strategy. We also had to show our current progression.

Below is my presentation,

Fig 2.2: Week 9 Presentation

Feedback: Mr Kanan said that I could explore incorporating the pixel element into the type for the titles. Like this, it would be more coherent and blend together. He also advised trying out some more layouts for the Notes on Existence part as it seems a bit too "texty" so it may be hard to read. Mr Asrizal said that so far my progress was good and these suggestions are just to see if something works out better.

Week #10:

This week I finished my zine and incorporated the feedback from my presentation. I exported the spreads to show this week

Fig 2.3: Zine Spreads

Feedback: Mr Asrizal said the zine was good but he was a bit worried the margins were a bit too tight so I could do a test print before sending it and adjust if necessary.

Week #11:

This week we had a briefing with Stive Asia. It is a platform for freelance artists to share their work and get clients. They told us about the platform and how we can use it to showcase our final-year projects and earn money from it. It was an interesting talk and we got to sign up for a free premium account thanks to them.

Before the talk, I showed Mr Asrizal my website wireframes. I started with some references first.

Fig 2.4: Website References

Fig 2.5: Homepage

Fig 2.6: Zine (Product) Page

Fig 2.7: Merch Page

Fig 2.8: Story wall Page

Feedback: Mr Asrizal said the wireframes are good, he suggested I could explore carousels for the pictures as well. 

Week #12:

This week I did most of my merchandise. I did the totes, phone cases and T-shirts. I also worked more on my website. Additionally, I also made a video for the website homepage. Since my campaign is inspired by core core from TikTok, I made a video inspired by it as well.

Fig 2.9: 7 Stories T-Shirt Front

Fig 3.0: 7 Stories T-Shirt Backs

Fig 3.1: Zine Shirt Front

Fig 3.2: Zine Shirt Back

Fig 3.3: Tote Bags

Fig 3.4: Phone cases

Fig 3.5: Video

Feedback: Mr Asrizal said my merch was looking good and I can send it to be printed.

Week #13: I was done with most of my design this week and sent it to be printed. As a result, I didn't have any visual updates to show Mr Asrizal.

Week 14: I showed Mr Asrizal the new posters I had added to the merchandise and discussed what to show for next week's final presentation. My memory locks had also come back from printing. I made them represent the idea of when you go to a bridge and people write their names on a lock and place it there as a forever memory.

Fig 3.6: Memory Locks

Fig 3.7: Poster Designs

Feedback: Mr Asrizal said for next week I need to compile all this progress for the final presentation. It should be short and just show the current progress.

Week #15:

This week we gave our final progress presentation.

Fig 3.8: Final Presentation

Feedback: I received good feedback on my progress and the lecturers said to make sure I have everything printed and ready for the exhibition.

Week 16:

Below are all my final submissions for Major Project

Fig 3.9: Final Zine PDF

Fig 4.0: Final Zine FlipHtml5

Fig 4.1: Final Phone Cases

Fig 4.2: Final T-Shirts

Fig 4.3: Final ToteBags

Fig 4.4: Final Stickers 01

Fig 4.5: Final Stickers 02

Fig 4.6: Final Merchandise Brochure PDF

Fig 4.7: Final Memory Locks PDF

Fig 4.8: Final Zine Photo Book PDF

Fig 4.9: Final A3 Posters PDF

Fig 5.0: Final A4 Posters

Fig 5.1: Final Website Homepage

Fig 5.2: Final Website Zine Page

Fig 5.3: Final Website Merch Page

Fig 5.4: Final Website Storywall

Fig 5.5: Final A Persistence Existence Edit Video

Final Reflection:

Experience: Major Project has certainly been an unforgettable experience for me. It was literally my only semester that was fully physical and I saw some of my batch mates for the very first time. I really enjoyed the ideation of my campaign especially when given the freedom to do anything. It was an idea I had been thinking about for a while but always felt like I couldn't execute it properly. So to get to experience it from the very first thought to a proper full campaign has been so much fun and so great!

Observations: This module really showed how much I draw inspiration from the world around me. My observations showed me that people enjoyed the content in the realm of existentialism which made me excited to execute my project. I also did observe how different my idea was to the others and that definitely made me nervous but I'm glad I stuck to it and pulled it off.

Findings: In all honesty, I found this module to be one of the most enjoyable modules. Naturally, it's because I stuck to my strengths and picked something I knew I would really really enjoy. I found that I really enjoy writing too and it's something I want to consider in my future

Overall, Major Project has been a really fun experience for me. I was really happy to see my work printed and it turns out how I imagined it. I hope it can actually have an impact on the people who experience it and they can see how much the topic means to me!


Thank you <3


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